NFL Owners Cell Phones And Emails To Be Turned Over

At least 5 NFL team owners will be deposed and asked to turn over all cellphone records and emails in relation to the Colin Kaepernick collusion case against the NFL.


Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft,  Houston Texans owner Bob McNair, Seattle Seahawks  owner Paul Allen and the San Francisco 49ers owner Jed York have all been selected for deposition in the Kaepernick collusion case.  All have made public statements critical of Kapernick’s protest.

In reference to the lawsuit Jones said, “The fact that it is the legal exercise that it is, I can’t comment and wouldn’t comment about any aspects of it, having said that, I just have to leave it at that. You might have heard me say some things before the suit, but right now, it’s pretty much limited.”


Kaepernick has said that he would go anywhere to work out for an NFL team and was fine if that workout was kept private. He also said he was looking for an opportunity to play and wanted to be judged as a football player. All 32 teams have been contacted by his agent but none have offered to sign him.

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