Charles Woodson & Randy Moss Dress Up As Each Other For Halloween

Two of the greatest players in NFL history decided to pay homage to each other on Halloween.

Charles Woodson and Randy Moss were considered once-in-a-lifetime talents when they played in the late 1990s / early 2000s. They were superstars from the day they both entered the league in 1998. Woodson with the Raiders (picked #4) and Moss with the Vikings (picked #21), were irreplaceable and could never be duplicated. Well…almost.

Almost 20 years after they entered the  NFL, Woodson and Moss are ESPN colleagues, as well as good friends. This year, the future hall of fame duo decided to come up with tandem Halloween costumes.

Check it out!

This is perfect. Woodson obviously has Moss’ historically-great afro and receiver stance in line. And Moss has Woodson’s signature press coverage stance down pat!


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