Young Boy Allegedly Plans To Commit Suicide, Instead Kills Young Woman in His Attempt

On Saturday in Fairfax, VA a 12-year-old boy jumped from an overpass above Interstate 66, landing on a car, ultimately killing the driver.

Marisa W. Harris, 22, was the victim.

An event that fatally wounded a driver when her vehicle was hit by a person who had jumped from an Interstate 66 overpass Saturday, is being investigated as a suicide attempt, per police in Fairfax County, VA.

On Sunday Corinne Geller, spokesman for the Virginia State Police stated “ the boy landed on a Ford Escape and the impact incapacitated the vehicle’s driver.” Virginia State Police are investigating the tragedy as a suicide attempt, reported by WUSA-TV.
Geller also stated the driver of the vehicle, 22 year-old Marisa W. Harris died at the scene. Harris’s boyfriend was also in the small suv at the time of the accident. He allegedly took control of the car from the passenger seat, then steered it off the road.
Harris was seeking her MA in mental health counseling at Marymount University. Harris’s mother called the tragedy ironic. “ The 12-year-old boy is someone my daughter would have helped.”

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