Patriots Trade QB Jimmy Garoppolo To 49ers For 2018 Draft Pick

The San Francisco 49ers have landed Garoppolo in exchange for a 2018 2nd round pick which is less than what the Patriots were reportedly asking for just a few months ago before the season started.


The trade is a win/win for both sides as Jimmy G. is a highly sought after prospect even though he has played only 17 games in the NFL. This is bad news for Kirk Cousins as the 9ers were one of the teams he was undoubtedly looking at the make a move for him in the off season.  Brian Hoyer has been cut as a result, and should probably find a job talking about football because he damn sure can’t play anymore. But with quarterbacks being such a high commodity in this league he will may be signed by the end of the week and could even be wearing a Patriot jersey.

The Patriots are masters at working the draft and will surely make good use of the pick.  If the Patriots had not traded Jimmy G. they would have had to make a really tough decision at the end of the season between him a Brady. The 9ers will still have to either sign Jimmy G. to a long term deal or franchise tag him for next year if they are unable to work out a deal.


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