#StoneColdReview: Boo2 A Madea Halloween

Thinking of checking out Boo2: A Madea Halloween? Check out the review by Kevin J. Stone first.

Okay look, this movie should’ve been rated R, because they were sloppy with editing out the cursing with voiceovers, but we could still read their lips. The movie was funny, but some of the jokes were like beating a dead horse. Joe’s (Tyler Perry) sex jokes were an overkill. There were too many jokes about it, to the point where it was like, “Bruh, chill”. Hattie (Patrice Lovely) stole the scenes that she was in and needs to have her own series of films. Some of the acting in the film was bad (the guy playing the other dad in particular, who pretty much just said his lines with no feeling). It was definitely a funny film & the storyline was okay. So, I’m giving this movie a…



2 thoughts on “#StoneColdReview: Boo2 A Madea Halloween”

  1. Love the information by the stone call review. He did a great job of giving me the information straight, so that I can make up my own decision. I can’t wait to see more from this up-and-coming critic.

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