5 Creepy Unsolved Crimes Just In Time For Halloween

For those who like real life mysteries here are some creepy unsolved mysteries that will put you in the Halloween spirit, whatever that means.


Dark Water

In February 2013 hotel guests complained of black water, which prompted staff to check the water tanks. In the tank, hotel workers found the body twenty-one-year-old Canadian student Elisa Lam who had went missing at the end of January.  The freaky part is in 2005 there was a film named Dark Water, where a girl was found dead in the hotel’s water tank in a similar way. In the film, the main character’s daughter’s name is Cecilia which has a similar name of the hotel where Lam’s body was found, Hotel Cecil.


The Girl Scout Murders

In Locust Grove, Oklahoma, June 1977, three young girls, Michelle Guse, Doris Milner, and Lorie Farmer, were killed while at a Girl Scout camp.  Two months before the murders, someone broke into a counselor tent and left a note saying that three campgoers would be murdered, but it was believed to be a prank. The person or people involved in the heinous act carried the girls’ bodies away from their tent, which were then found by a counselor on the trail on the way to the showers. Some believe that Gene Leroy Hart committed the slayings of the three Girl Scouts but he was tried and acquitted of the crime.



In December 1999, Ashley Freeman and Lauria Bible disappeared after having a sleepover to celebrate Ashley’s 16th birthday at the Freemans’ mobile home.  The next day the Freeman home was set alight and the bodies of Ashley’s parents were found inside. Both her parents had been shot in the head before being burnt, and to this day the girls have still never been found.


The Disappearance of Brian Shaffer

In April 2006 Brian Shaffer walked away from a bar and was never seen again. After saying goodbye to a couple of girls at the bar, Brian walked out of the bar’s security camera view and was never seen again. Brian’s younger brother is the only surviving member of the family as his mother passed from cancer one month prior to his disappearance and his dad in a freak accident two years following it.


The Mystery of Amy Lynn Bradley

Amy Lynn Bradley disappeared in March 1998 while on a cruise ship near Aruba with her parents and younger brother. She left her cabin early in the morning, presumably for a quick smoke, as she left barefoot, only with her cigarettes and lighter. Before Amy Lynn disappeared, there were instances of the crew onboard giving her “special attention”. This led her parents to believe she was kidnapped and led into sex slavery, supported by images that appear to be Amy Lynn in her underwear sent via email. Despite reports of her being seen, she is yet to be found.


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