Beast Mode Ejected From Game Takes Train Home

Raiders running back Marshawn Lynch ran full speed onto the field after his quarterback Derek Carr, took an illegal hit.


A scuffle ensued between Chief and Raider players and as the referee attempted to break it up Lynch pushed the official. Lynch was ejected from the game and he will possibly incur fines in the $100,000 range along with a suspension.

Marshawn Lynch sitting in the stands after being kicked out of the game

After being kicked out of the game Lynch was seen sitting in the stands and even rode the train home.  If you ever wondered why the fans loved him so much I think you can probably understand why a little more now.

Lynch riding the train after the game
Another shot of Lynch on the train 

The Raiders won the game of course with some last second heroics from Michael Crabtree but Beast Mode surely will get all of the headlines.


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