NFL Coaching Hot Seat Gauge

Now that we’re about a third of the way through the NFL regular season, let’s take a look at which coaches may be at risk of getting the ax.

The NFL is a ruthless business when it comes to coaching jobs. On average, 7 NFL head coaching vacancies open up annually. It’s a harsh reality that failure to produce wins on a consistent basis will relegate a coach to the unemployment line in very little time.

Here’s the first installment of our NFL Coaching Hot Seat Gauge:

  1. Chuck Pagano, Indianapolis Coltspagano

    2017 Record: 2-4 |Career:  42-33 (All 5+ Yrs In Indianapolis): Another year, another season of mediocrity in Indy. Something always seems to go wrong for poor Chuck Pagano. Whether it’s injuries, failed front office relationships or just plain bad luck, the excuses are running out. The addition of Jacoby Brissett has stabilized the offense a bit in recent weeks and it seems like Andrew Luck is finally close to a return. This is likely the best chance the Colts have of legitimately competing and showing that Pagano has this group moving in the right directioni after back-to-back .500 campaigns.

  2. John Fox, Chicago Bears   fox

    2017 Record: 2-4 | 2+ Yrs In Chicago: 11-27 | Career: 130-16: Fox’s Bears hung on versus Baltimore to win in overtime, 27-24, Sunday. It wan’t pretty and Chicago did everything they could to give the game away. Fox has a history of trotting out one-dimensional teams and this Bears’ outfit is no different — solid on defense, but shamefully challenged offensively. Inserting rookie quarterback Mitchell Trubisky likely buys Fox a grace period, but if the wins don’t come, Fox cushion will be unbearably warm.

  3. John Harbaugh, Baltimore Ravens harbaugh

    2017 Record: 3-3|Career: 87-59 (All 9+ Yrs In Baltimore): Harbaugh and his Ravens were on the wrong end of that overtime loss to the Bears. Many are questioning whether Harbaugh still has the ear of his squad, and rightfully so. The defense is solid but doesn’t respond in crucial moments, while the offense is downright abysmal. Injuries have undoubtedly beset the roster, but that’s really no excuse at the end of the day. Harbaugh’s record since winning a Super Bowl in 2012 is just 34-36.

  4. Hue Jackson, Cleveland Brownsjackson

    2017 Record: 0-6 | 1+ Yrs In Cleveland: 1-21 | Career: 9-29: Granted, Jackson inherited the reigns of a perpetually broken organization. His best option at quarterback is a rookie who is just not ready yet and the pass rusher taken with the first-overall pick has only been healthy one game. The Browns are improved, but again, if the win column doesn’t reflect that improvement, Jackson will remain on the hot seat; especially considering Browns’ owner Jimmy Haslem has a notoriously quick trigger when it comes to firing head coaches. 

  5. Ben McAdoo, New York Giantsmcadoo

    2017 Record: 1-5 | Career: 12-10 (All 1+ Yrs In New York): Expectations may be the worst enemy of McAdoo at this point. The Giants were picked by many (present company included) to win the NFC East before the season started, based off a successful 2016 and off-season roster additions. However, the NFL is a “what have you done for me lately” league, and a 1-5 start is hardly much at all. McAdoo will be given the rest of the season to right the ship…unless the wheels totally fall off. (Yes, I know ships don’t have wheels…)

Seat is getting awfully warm: 

Marvin Lewis, Cincinnati Bengals

Bill O’Brien, Houston Texans

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