Donald Trump Lauds Jerry Jones For Anthem Threat

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is drawing praise from Donald Trump… via Tweet, of course.

In 2016, Jerry Jones was attributed with mandating that all Dallas Cowboys players stand for the national anthem, as the NFL is his stage. It was later determined to be “fake news”. Now, Jones has been quoted as saying his players will “stand for the anthem or sit during the game” in what is very, very real news.

With that, Donald Trump Could not resist the opportunity to activate his Twitter fingers and send a digital shout out to Jones for taking such a hard stance on the matter.

Jones’ stance puts his Dallas players — and potentially Jones in the long run — in a peculiar situation. If the Cowboys’ most prominent players wanted to take a knee, would they challenge the owner’s threat. And if those players were to actually challenge him, would Jones stand behind his demands and not allow them to play. Or, on a further note, if enough players decided to kneel to prevent the Cowboys from fielding a full team, what would be Jerry’s reaction?

There is also one not-so-minor issue with Jerruh’s hard take on players kneeling during the anthem. According to the NFL Playersv Association, the NFL has advised players they have the right to sit or kneel during the national anthem. The league has not yet addressed Jones’ comments, but will likely do just that during its next media briefing from league spokesman Joe Lockhart. That could come as soon as Tuesday.

Lockhart will, without a doubt, be asked about Jones’ comments, that latest tweet from Mr. Trump, as well as the decision of Mike Pence to bolt this weekend’s 49ers vs Colts game after 23 players from the 49ers kneeled during the anthem.

Jones seems to believe that NFL rules justify taking the position that players must stand, although the rule clearly states players “should” not “must” stand. If Jones truly intends to enforce the rule in that manner — and if the NFL allows him to — it could initiate a legal struggle between management and labor in attempt to interpret the language of said rule.

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