Number 1 Player In The Country Commits To The University of Georgia

The Georgia Bulldogs have done it again by landing Justin Fields, who is the number 1 player in the country.

Fields receiving instruction from Cam Newton

Just 2 years ago Mark Richt was able to lure Jacob Eason to Georgia who as a 4 star player was also ranked as the best QB in the country in the 2016 class.  He was ranked 13th overall according to ESPN.  Justin Fields, who some college scouts are calling the best high school quarterback they have ever seen, and best means better than Cam, Luck, Winston or Watson, is not only ranked as the best QB in the country but also the best player overall in the 2018 class again according to ESPN.

Some recruits are also calling this stretch by Georgia with Fields’ commitment “ the greatest three-year recruiting stretch at the quarterback position in the history of modern recruiting.”  Of course Georgia already has Jacob Eason, and Jake Fromm who signed in 2017 and was ranked 132 overall in the nation according to ESPN.

Mark Richt was fired by Georgia in 2015 because of his inability to win the big one even though he could recruit his ass off. I always questioned Georgia for the move seeing as how Richt was a very good coach and won a lot of games. With this monumental commitment by Fields, I am now beginning to understand why the boosters were so antsy about Richt not winning. The talent that the Bulldogs are able to gather year after year probably is second only to the school that shall remain nameless residing in the state that Georgia shares a border with to the west. For those of you who know nothing about college football and I am perplexed at why you would even be reading this article in the first place if that was the case but I will give you one hint, their mascot is an elephant named Big Al.

The pressure is on for Kirby Smart to produce, and that means championships. Cam Newton is the best college quarterback I have ever seen. The year that Auburn won the title with him, I can say with a straight face that if he had went to any other school in the SEC that year except for maybe 3, each of those schools would have been national championship contenders. What is so scary about that is the fact that recruits are saying that Fields at 6’3 224 is better than Cam was coming out of Blinn College in 2009.

Time will tell, and I hope Mr. Fields has a good head one his shoulders because history is filled with the corpses of could have beens and should haves.


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