Netflix And Chill?

Well after today, you might have to just settle for the chill….

The streaming media giant Netflix, just offered us some not so great news if you are balling on a budget. They are raising their prices. According to Mashable, Netflix is raising its middle and top tier prices starting in November. The basic $7.99 plan will not be affected at this moment.


The standard service, which allows customers to stream shows and movies in HD on up to two screens at once, is now priced at $10.99 monthly, up from $9.99. The premium service, which provides viewing on up to four screens is $13.99, up from $11.99.

According to a Netflix spokesperson, users will be notified of the new prices based on their billing cycle and will get 30 days notice before the changes takes effect. Netflix will begin notifying members of the change on October 19.






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