DirectTV Offers Refunds On Sunday Ticket

DirecTV is offering unprecedented refunds for fans wishing to cancel NFL Sunday Ticket.

If customers inform the company that they are canceling service due to the recent NFL protests during the national anthem.



Generally, once the season starts, fans may not cancel Sunday Ticket subscriptions. However, AT&T, which owns DirecTV, decided to make an exception the policy in response to the sensitivity of the subject. The cost of the package, which allows fans to view out-of-market games, is approximately $280.

The exemption was first reported by The Wall Street Journal.

Nearly 200 players made the decision not to stand for the national anthem in Week 3, and three teams — the Pittsburgh Steelers, Seattle Seahawks and Tennessee Titans  — remained of the field during the anthem. Monday night, the Dallas Cowboys chose to kneel in at once prior to the anthem.

Players were galvanized after being scolded by Donald Trump, who urged NFL owners to “fire” players who didn’t stand for the national anthem, during a speech Friday in Alabama.

Trump’s stance, which he persisted over the weekend, resulted with the opposite effect. All but two NFL owners made statements backing players’ right to protest, while some players and executives even coordinated their actions.

Many fans took issue. At multiple stadiums, fans booed the players during the anthem. Countless others took to social media to advise that they would be canceling their Sunday Ticket subscriptions.


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