B.o.B GoFundMe Campaign Falling Flat

Rapper B.o.B is well-known for his stance on the shape of the Earth. His attempt to fund his research is not going well. #AsExpected

B.o.B is steadfast in his belief that the earth is flat. Last week, the artist took it to an astronomic new level by creating a GoFundMe page to aid him in getting satellites to launch into space to determine whether the Earth has curves or not.

He set a goal of $200,000 — quite a few were quick to point out that it would be nearly impossible to fund a launch of multiple satellites into space with that budget — but he is nowhere near his targeted goal thus far. Currently, he has taken in just $676 in donations, with $250 of that coming from a man who vehemently disagrees with B.o.B.

One overly-helpful, but accurate commentator broke one thing down to B.o.B: “The only way to find out if the earth is flat is by going to outer space yourself and ejecting yourself from the spacecraft because the window glass would also have a slight curvature making the earth look round. Then you have to get out of your space suit because the glass on your space suit will curve the appearance of the earth. So only then you will see that the earth is in fact, flat.”

One other comment read, “How much would it take to send this guy to university? Surely that’d be cheaper.”

It appears this may all be a moot point by B.o.B., as his currently attempts are not even enough to purchase DirectTV satellite service for a year.


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