Would You Invest In Eminem Stock?

Similar to “Bowie Bonds” “Slim Shady Stocks” will be available to music fans.

According to CNBC, The Detroit area producers that brought Eminem to the world, are selling a portion of his music catalog to the start-up company Royalty Flow. Royalty Flow will offer 3.3 million shares of the catalog to the general public in a mini initial public offering. The shares will be $15 with a minimum $2,250 investment. The stock offering will allow investors to cash in on royalty earnings from the portion of the music catalog being sold.


This investment opportunity is similar to “Bowie Bonds” that David Bowie introduced to Wall Street around 20 years ago. Bowie sold the rights to over 300 of his songs in a $55 million bond. The company looks to take the initial proceeds to eventually acquire more of the music catalog from Jeff and Mark Bass. The music catalog offering includes the hits “The Real Slim Shady” and “Lose Yourself”. The royalties through last year grew 43 percent, with streaming making up about 46 percent. Would you invest? Leave a comment below.


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