NFL: Aaron Hernandez Not A Victim

NFL states Aaron Hernandez is not the victim and plans to “vigorously” fight lawsuit.

Joe Lockhart
NFL spokesman Joe Lockhart

The National Football League remained initially silent upon Thursday’s revelation that the late Aaron Hernandez suffered from “severe CTE”. However, the NFL clearly made its intentions known on Friday.

The NFL, via league spokesman Joe Lockhart, says it plans to vigorously fight the lawsuit filed against the league on behalf of Hernandez’s daughter and cautioned against any attempt to cast the former Patriots’ tight end and convicted murderer as a victim.

Thursday, Boston University revealed the results of the postmortem examination of Hernandez’s donated brain that resulted in a severe case of CTE, the degenerative brain disease linked to concussions that may lead to erratic, violent behavior and/or suicide. Hernandez ultimately committed suicide in April as he was serving a life sentence ater being convicted on murder charges.

The lawsuit was filed by attorney Jose Baez in U.S. District Court, claiming the NFL and the Patriots neglected to protect their players’ safety. The league, however, rebuffs the lawsuit as flawed in nature.

“His personal story is complex, it doesn’t lend itself to simple answers,” Lockhart stated. “He was convicted of a homicide and his well-documented behavioral issues began long before he played in the National Football League. The real victims are the friends and family of those he killed, along with his young daughter.”

Lockhart continued, “It’s a very complicated puzzle. Every piece is important. There are a lot of dots here, and science just hasn’t been able to connect them.”


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