Woman Allegedly With Kevin Hart In Sex Tape Revealed

Kevin Hart really didn’t think an Instagram apology was going to make the go away, did he?

A woman photographed with comedian/actor Kevin Hart earlier this summer wants to steer clear of the star’s drama. Per TMZ, singer Monique “Momo” Gonzalez wants to make it known that she is not the female Hart was allegedly cheating with in the recently unveiled video.

Montia Sabbag
Hart and Montia Sabagg, the woman investigators believe is extorting him.

The woman in the video is reportedly Montia Sabagg (occasionally spelled as Montiah Sabagg), 27, is a traveling stripper who Hart met in Las Vegas. However, she claims she is not the person who recorded the episode. Sabagg is willing to take a polygraph if Hart coughs up $420,000.

Gonzalez, meanwhile, who has a large social media following, has been inundated with scathing comments after the release of the infamous sex tape.

Hart and Gonzalez were photographed together in July, in a parked car outside a Miami hotel. However, a rep for Gonzalez claims that encounter was just a mere friendly conversation.

Momo Gonzalez
Momo Gonzalez with Hart in parked car.

Not long after TMZ shared that photo, Hart laughed it off on social media with a meme captioned, “At the end of the day you just gotta laugh at the BS.”

After these latest flock of accusations, he posted a video to Instagram over the weekend apologizing to his pregnant wife and children for his “mistakes”.

“And doing that, I know that I’m gonna hurt the people closest to me, who I’ve talked to and apologized to, my wife and my kids,” Hart said. It’s a shitty moment. It’s a shitty moment when you know you’re wrong and there’s no excuses for your wrong behavior.”

Authorities tasked with investigating the situation are attempting to decode encrypted emails sent from the mystery extortionist reportedly attempting to blackmail Hart for $10 million.

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