5 College Football Players Face Felony Charges For Hazing

In Illinois, five football players are looking at felony charges after the hazing of teammates.

In suburban Chicago, authorities claim five members of a Christian college football program are facing felony charges in response to an alleged hazing.


The DuPage County State’s Attorney’s office revealed Monday that the five Wheaton College players are being charged with aggravated battery, mob action and unlawful restraint. A judge signed the arrest warrants and issued $50,000 bonds for each of the players, who are expected to turn themselves in soon.

The Chicago Tribune reported the alleged victim advised police that he was in his dorm room when the aggressors duct taped his hands and feet, put a pillowcase over his head, tossed him in a vehicle, attempted to sodomize him with a foreign object, then dumped him half-naked in an off-campus park.

Wheaton College released in a statement that other players and members of the coaching staff alerted college officials to an “incident” in March 2016.


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