LA Rams and Chargers Struggle To Fill Stadiums After Controversial Move

In their first regular season home games, the Los Angeles Rams and Chargers posted just over 80,000 in attendance combined.

Chargers Dolphins opening Kickoff

The USC game vs Texas had over 84,000 in attendance the day before. Chargers quarterback Phillip Rivers admitted that most of the 25,381 that came to watch their game were Dolphin fans. “I thought there was great energy in the stadium. Obviously, the loudest roar came at the end after the missed field goal. That’s where you really got to see how many Dolphins fans there were. I heard the roar before I saw the official’s signal. I wasn’t sure which roar it was.”

LA Rams in L.A. Memorial Coliseum.

The Rams fared somewhat better but not much as they were able to double what the Chargers did hosting 56,612 fans but in a stadium that seats 93,000 it did not look good for the TV cameras. Whether the league wants to admit it or not, this is looking like a major miscalculation when just last year teams were fighting to get to LA thinking that the people of the city would come out in droves even to watch a crappy product like what the Rams and Chargers are offering. The teams have a combined record of 1-3 through the first 2 weeks and no one outside of the respective organizations are expecting any super bowl runs any time soon.

If this past Sunday is any indication of how the season is going to go then both teams can look forward to packed houses when Dallas comes to town and brings thousands of cowboy fans with them. I don’t think it is just a coincidence that Dallas has to go to LA twice this year but what do I know.


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