Big Al’s NFL Picks – Week 2

Week 1 was good – Week 2 should be better.  A week of several good match-ups. See who Big Al is rolling with this week!

Week 1 – not bad – went 10 out of 15.  A lot of surprises – Patriots, Jags, and Andy Dalton. Whoa.  You can’t judge too much about the NFL from what you see in Week 1. When you do, you tend to overreact if you do.

(Home Team in CAPS)

CINCINNATI over Houston

I picked both these teams last week and they both stunk it up at home. Cincy cannot afford to lose their first two if they want to keep up with Pittsburgh. Andy Dalton has to play a LOT better. Even with Deshaun Watson starting, the Bengals should be able to limit the Texans offense.

New England over NEW ORLEANS

Another game with two 0-1 teams.  The Saints season got manhandled in Minnesota and come home to face the Super Bowl champions. How much stock to put in the Chiefs beating the Patriots? What’s the chances Brady goes 0-2? The key will be New Orleans offense.  Will the New Orleans offense be able to keep up with the Patriots? I could see a shoot-out. I like what I see in Alvin Kamara. He looks like a keeper. There are key questions surrounding Adrian Peterson and Sean Payton after week 1.  Plus the Saints are working with a short week. Too much “ish” going on, I am rolling with the Patriots.

OAKLAND over NY Jets

The Jest offense looked really really bad in week 1 against an average Buffalo team.  0-16 bad. I hope they improve.  Until then, expect me to pick their opponent. The Raiders had a good second half vs. the Titans, and if they play like that they should have a great shot of winning the AFC West. On a high note for the Jets, their first two draft picks, Adams and Maye, played well as two rookie safeties. Bigger test this week for them though.

SEATTLE over San Francisco

Seattle did not look good last week, but lets keep it real – that was against a real good Packers team at home.  Now they are at home this week and after losing to the Pack, they’ll be way too much for the 49’ers. The 49ers’ offensive is also terrible, so the Seahawks defense should dominate.


Big game for the Cardinals. How will they deal without David Johnson? The Detroit game was a chance for Carson Palmer to show the football world he is not old. Unfortunately, he did not dispel those thoughts. Good thing the Colts are their opponent. Until Andrew Luck returns Indy will struggle to win.

TAMPA BAY over Chicago

The Bucs are fresh after a bye due to the storm. Tampa Bay will be amped. They return to face a Bears team that looked pretty good against the Falcons. They were a play away from upsetting the Falcons. The Bears should be a good team, but I see Winston’s Bucs ending up on top in this one.


BALTIMORE over Cleveland

So I am a believer that the Browns picked a good one in Deshone Kizer. That has to make Brown fans feel good. Can’t see him beating the Ravens on the road though. After last week against the Bengals, the Ravens will be chomping at the bit to go up against the rookie.

Dallas over DENVER

Dallas was ranked by many experts as the 5th best team in the NFC at the start of the year, but that will change if they put together enough games like week 1. The Cowboys were very impressive against the Giants. Not just Dak and the crew, but the defense dominated the Giants. Zeke looked like the same runner from last season, so even against a good Denver defense, look for the Boys to control the clock with short passes and Zeke.  The Broncos have a good team, but I think Dallas wins a close one on the road.


CAROLINA over Buffalo

Hard to take much from the Panthers after beating San Fran. Buffalo is a better team with more weapons on offense, Shady looked great against the Jets. He must have a good game for them to have a chance, but I see the Panthers winning this one on the road.

KANSAS CITY over Philadelphia

How hyped should we be over the Chiefs? Super Bowl contenders?  Eric Berry gone for the season will hurt. On offense, I like Kareem Hunt, but I’m not sold on Alex Smith long-term. Carson Wentz played well against Washington, but their secondary is is not one of the best. Andy Reid gets the W on his return to Philly against his protege.

Minnesota over PITTSBURGH


Minnesota has a real good defense.  Not sure what to make of Bradford. Dalvin Cook if he keeps this up is a future star. Not sure what to say about the Steelers after barely beating the Browns last week: Antonio Brown is the truth, but he can’t do it by himself.  Le’Veon Bell’s is still in the preseason-mode so who on Pittsburgh will step up. Can their defense make the Vikes look like they did last year by pressuring Bradford?  Should be one of the more interesting games to watch this week.


With Jay Cutler as the quarterback, I am going with Chargers. Plus I like Phillip Rivers.

ATLANTA over Green Bay

Will Aaron come to Atlanta and ruin the opening of the new stadium? That would be a heart-breaker.. Atlanta can’t feel good about their effort against a Chicago team that went 3-13 last year. Matt Ryan will have to play big this week and I think he will be ready. Green Bay will keep it close. If they can score on Seattle, Atlanta play a similar=style of defense, so I expect them to score on the Falcons. I expect Julio to Beast-out at home and at that will be the difference.

Washington over LA RAMS

If Washington is going to be in the division race, they can’t lose their 1st two games. Cousins will have to be better in week 2. Their defense wasn’t bad, but they gave up some big plays. What do you do about the Rams? You can’t totally ignore week 1, but I am not totally sold on the Rams. This week they have a chance to prove they are good. Can they score with their offensive weapons? The Rams were fantastic in their Los Angeles debut, but Washington is not the Colts, but I still like the Rams.

Detroit over NY GIANTS

Can the Giants offense be that bad? OK, remember what I said, don’t overreact.  Eli will get it right. I expect the Giants to be better, but without Odell this should be another loss. Lions will score enough to beat the Giants, as they work to get it right.


JACKSONVILLE over Tennessee

I don’t think the Jaguars are contenders, but I am picking their team because Marcus Mariota is not ready yet. I see a low scoring game, with the Jags defense being the difference.


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