Exhibition Exhaustion

Four preseason games in the NFL is ridiculous.

NFL players are professionals, they don’t really need tune up games. They REALLY don’t need tune up games that put them in a position to get hurt. Football already is one the most dangerous sports in the world. Players are worried about their health and the NFL is worried about their health, so tell me again, why are they playing in games that don’t count toward the main goal…“Win a Super Bowl”?

You know what teams don’t have preseason games? Ohio State, Alabama, and all the other college teams. Eighteen and nineteen year-olds don’t need tune up games but 33-year-old Aaron Rodgers does? C’mon now, that doesn’t even make sense. Those guys go through enough practices and practice scrimmages against other teams, they will be fine starting the week without preseason games. I promise you, Odell Beckham would be able to make an insane one hand catch over your favorite corner even if he doesn’t dress for a single preseason game. Players with secured roster spots don’t need to play preseason tune up games.


The guys that have used to the preseason games are bubble players who are trying to make the roster. They need games as to prove to coaches their worth. Do they need four? No, that’s too many, two games should be enough to figure out so figure out which 25 players to fill out the bottom half of the roster. Established players get fewer blows on their bodies, and young players get more opportunities to prove that they belong. That’s what known as a win-win.

Why are we playing 4 games; it makes no sense. The NFL should just cut it to 2 games and allow the general culture that most rookies and 2nd and 3rd teams were pretty much the only guys to play. Who knows if Julian Edelman or Spencer Ware wouldn’t make it through the regular season healthy, but we will never know because they are both key players on their respective teams and have lost this upcoming season to knee ligament injuries in preseason games.


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