7 Defiant Predictions For The 2017 NFL Season

Here are 7 predictions that defy everything you think will happen during the 2017 NFL season.

Surprises are normal in the NFL, where results rarely go according to plan. Here are 7 defiant predictions for the 2017 season:

  1. Andrew Luck will miss more games than he starts

    With Luck already ruled out for Week 1 (shoulder), I’m already ahead on this one. Lingering shoulder injuries are obviously not a good thing for a quarterback, and this will cause Luck to miss games throughout the season, ultimately being shut down by week 12.

  2. Chuck Pagano will be the first coach fired

    As a result of #1, Pagano becomes the first coach to get the ax in 2017. There are, on average, 7 head coaches replaced during or after every season. Sorry, Chuck, but you’re the first fall-guy of 2017.

  3. The Atlanta Falcons will miss the playoffs

    Call it a Super Bowl Hangover…call it the Atlanta sports curse…whatever. Just know that I called it! The Falcons are in a tough division and face one of the more difficult schedules in the entire NFL. Matt Ryan will not have another MVP-type season and Julio Jones doesn’t stay healthy for 16 games. Wow…defiant predictions within a defiant prediction!

  4. The New Orleans Saints will make the playoffs

    If the Falcons are out, someone has to take their place. It will be the Saints, grabbing a wildcard spot. Drew Brees is nearing the end of a Hall of Fame career, and I just can’t see him going out without making one last push for a title.

  5. Jameis Winston will lead the NFL in passing yards

    If the Falcons miss the playoffs altogether and the Saints grab a wildcard, who’s winning the NFC South? I’m going with the Bucs! And to do that, Jameis Winston must have a big year. Winston does, and leads the league in passing yards as the young Bucs take the division.

  6. Leonard Fournette will lead the NFL in rushing yards

    Before last season, the Jags were the trendy pick to make a run to the playoffs. Boy, were y’all wrong! I’m staying away from the team as a playoff lock. However, I am picking rookie stud Fournette to run roughshod through the NFL in 2017. Fournette goes over 1,600 yards and follows Ezekiel Elliott, making it two consecutive years with rookies leading the NFL in rushing.

  7. The Chicago Bears will finish with the worst record and get the #1 pick

    The Bears traded up to #2 in the 2017 draft. Next year, they won’t have to trade to get up that far. As good as Mitchell Trubisky has looked during the preseason, he will start the season as a backup and will not be a savior once he gets on the field, just yet. There’s just not enough talent on this team to even hold off the Jets or 49ers for the first overall pick.

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