Professor Griff & Solé Get Married

Public Enemy’s Professor Griff tied the knot with rapper Solé after years of friendship.

Professor Griff of Public Enemy and Hip Hop veteran Solé jumped the broom in an under-the-radar ceremony this past weekend. Solé, who was previously married to Ginuwine, posted several photos of the wedding on her Instagram page, where revealed a traditional rakhi ceremony. One particular caption read, “Mr. & Mrs. Shah 8.27.17.

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Sacred 8.27.17 #9 #MrandMrsShah❤️

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In another Instagram post from August 11, Solé explained how the longtime friends finally reconnected and what the rakhis they’re wearing on their wrists symbolize.

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Aug. 11, 2017 ✨ today marked one year to the day that @professorgriff and I reconnected and had lunch as friends. We had no clue what would ensue. At the time we had known each other for 27 years but he was always like my big brother. After that lunch though, something changed… and a beautiful plutonic friendship based on love and mutual respect, began blossoming into a beautiful, romantic relationship based on that foundation. Today, to celebrate that reconnection over lunch, we spent time offering prayers at the temple and exchanging rakhis ✨❤️ Traditionally, sisters tie a rakhi to their brothers' wrist as a reminder of his duty to protect and honour his spiritual as well as brotherly obligations. They take a vow to protect them from harm and sisters pray for long life for their brothers. However the practice is now often done between other family members and even friends and lovers. The thread tied on his wrist symbolizes that the brother must protect himself spiritually from the bondage of materialism. The brother protects the sister with his life and the sister shows respect and love in the form of worship. Rakhi signifies the bond of brothers and sisters, but can also be tied by a wife, daughter or mother for protection. We tied them on each other as a symbol of love, honor, respect and protection for one another… and offered these prayers to the Divine. #9 #twinflames🔥🔥 #walking4seasons

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In addition to working with Public Enemy, Professor Griff has released numerous solo albums, And The Word Became Flesh in 2001, which was co-produced by Public Enemy MC Chuck D. Public Enemy’s most recent album, Nothing Is Quick In The Desert, was released this past June.


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