Master P Looking To Do Big Things As President Of The First Co-Ed Basketball League

The President of the Global Mixed Gender Basketball League says it is all about equality.

Rapper, entrepreneur, actor, and former NBA player Percy Miller known to the world as Master P, is the president of the GMGB League. The league’s founder James Scott is pmiller.pngexcited to have P. as a business partner. The GMGB is the first mixed gender professional basketball  league where men and women can compete together on the basketball court. The No Limit Records CEO rose to fame in the 90’s and helped to put Southern hip-hop on the map. With basketball being his first love, Master P played a short time in pre-season for the Charlotte Hornets and the Toronto Raptors in the late 90’s. He will be right at home with The Global Mixed Gender Basketball League. P. is real excited about being involved in the co-ed aspect of the league,

There are some great female basketball players on a professional level that are just as good as men,” Miller said. “But we never see that.


With him being a well recognized figure, the league is currently looking for other celebrities, and investors to jump on board. Aside from being the league president, Master P. is also a team owner. His team the “New Orleans Gators” will face of against another celebrity owner’s team the “Atlanta Heirs” in Las Vegas next month. The Atlanta Heirs team is owned by singer Tameka “Tiny” Harris of the 90’s R&B group Xscape. She is also the wife of rapper T.I. With the success of Ice Cube’s Big 3 league, this co-ed league should definitely gain popularity as well.




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