Dwyane Wade In Cleveland?

As reports surface of Dwyane Wade seeking a buyout from the Chicago Bulls, could he reunite with Lebron James in Cleveland?

Dwyane Wade is reportedly seeking a buyout from his contract with his current team the Chicago Bulls. Wade has $24 million dollars left on the final year of his contract. If he and the team agree to any deal, he will be available to sign with any other team. After Chicago trading Butler and acquiring some other young talent, it is certain that they are looking to rebuild. Wade probably doesn’t want to stick around and is seeking another title. ESPN’s Nick Friedell first broke the story,

Dwyane Wade isn’t expected to be long for the organization’s future, as nobody would be surprised if he decided not to stick around for a season in the tank and instead chooses to reach a buyout agreement at some point in the next few months.


Could Wade end up with the Cavs next season? It is very possible. With Kyrie Irving wanting out, Wade could definitely end up reunited with his former teammate and friend Lebron James. Wade and Lebron first became teammates when Lebron left Cleveland and took his talents to South Beach. Their efforts cranked out two championships for the Miami Heat, three for Wade. At age 35 Wade still has a little basketball left in the tank. Doing a one-year deal with the Cavs and making another title run with Lebron would be good for basketball. What are your thoughts?





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