Let’s Talk Power!!!

Want to have your voice heard? Join us as we discuss “Power” on the Speak The Truth podcast.

Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson has hit the jackpot with his Starz original drama: Power. The Starz hit series has captivated its audience like very few shows have this decade.

James St. Patrick has done what drug kingpins must do to become successful, convince you that they don’t exist. He’s equipped with a relentless alter ego by the name of Ghost, that gets what he wants “by any means necessary.” He’s charismatic, stylish, well-spoken, and extremely charming. To say he’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing is an accurate depiction.

Join us as we go deeper! Here at Defy Life we would like to ignite a Power discussion. Assessing every waking moment of the show, attempting to predict what happens next. We know there are only two episodes left. However, now is as good as any to get started to wrap it up and pick up next season. 

To become a member of “Speak the Truth” please go to www.godefylife.com to follow the site. Then contact us via email or Facebook to introduce yourself as a person of interest. Lastly, we will select a random few to join us on the weekly “Speak The Truth” podcast to decode the mystery of POWER.


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