What Does Marshawn Lynch’s Silent Protest Say About The Kaepernick Situation?

Beast Mode remained seated during the national anthem at a preseason game.

Oakland Raiders RB Marshawn Lynch did not stand during the national anthem at a recent preseason game against the Arizona Cardinals. Head Coach Jack Del Rio spoke with Lynch after the game and did not know he was going to sit. Lynch informed his coach that he had been doing this sort of thing and that it is nothing new,

This is something I’ve done for 11 years. It’s not a form of anything other than me being myself.” 

Many of Marshawn’s team members support him including his head coach. They respect him as a man and for being an individual. So what about Colin Kaepernick? As many of you already know, Kaepernick took a stance on police brutality in America. It was mainly kaepernick_5involving the ongoing mistreatment and police shootings involving African Americans in the United States. Colin decided to take a knee during the national anthem at NFL football games as his personal protest. Since then he has been arguably black balled in the league for his protests. He has not been signed by any NFL team this season, even as a back up quarterback. Many critics have their own views on whether or not Kap’s stance is right or wrong.

Is there any difference in Lynch’s stance and Kaepernick’s? Honestly I don’t see the difference. The only difference I see is that Lynch is signed to play and Kaepernick is not. Critics have stated that the reason Kap has not been signed is due to talent and not because of his protests. Nobody wants to have that level of distraction for a back up quarter back. Do you agree?

We will have to wait and see how Marshawn Lynch’s recent protest will stir up mixed u7w9F6rEviews. If the Raiders are winning who cares right? I think this will not matter if the team is performing well and making money. Many agree that Kaepernick should be in the NFL based on the level of talent at some back up quarterback positions. Despite his recent protest during the national anthem I think Marshawn Lynch will be just fine. Especially if the Raiders are winning.






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