R. Kelly Not Charged On Latest Allegations

R. Kelly has, for now, avoided charges after accusations of kidnapping.

After accusations in July of holding several women against their will in a sex cult, R. Kelly has this far not been charged. It first appeared that the allegations would be another hit to the iconic crooner’s career. After the news hit, four of Kelly’s concerts were reportedly canceled due to poor ticket sales, which he steadfastly denied.

With the initial blow absorbed, most people have mainly taken focus to other matters. Fulton County District Attorney Paul Howard has announced his office is not currently investigating Kelly, per Atlanta’s FOX 5.

Fulton County commission chairman John Eaves, who is currently running for mayor of the city of Atlanta, gathered a press conference on Friday to demand a full investigation into Kelly’s situation. Eaves alleged that investigators working the case have discovered new information that has raised concerns.

“I’m going to stress to the Fulton County district attorney that a full investigation be done, because I believe questions should be answered,” he stated.

Prior to the press conference, Eaves also released a statement to the media. “Today, I am asking District Attorney Paul Howard and his investigative officers and prosecutors to fully review the report of the Johns Creek Police and follow every lead, no matter where it leads, or who it implicates, and bring those persons to swift justice,” it read.

Despite that request, D.A. Howard revealed shortly after the press conference that no criminal investigation into Kelly’s actions is currently being conducted. However, he will “examine the R. Kelly file to determine next steps.”


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