Google Celebrates Birth Of Hip Hop

Google has revealed a new doodle on its home page that commemorates the 44th birthday of Hip Hop.

By clicking on Google’s doodle of the day, you are taken to an interactive player that allows you to choose records, fade them, choose the pace of the track and even scratch the record.

In Google’s celebration animation, the search engine giant has teamed up with Hip Hop icon Fab 5 Freddy.

“Today we’re celebrating one of the most important innovations in Hip Hop music: the break,” an animated Freddy says in the video. “On August 11, 1973, a DJ named Kool Herc threw a Back to School party in the Boogie Down Bronx that changed music as we know it. Using two turntables, he extended the instrumental breaks, allowing people to dance longer … a style that came to be known as breakdancing.”

Fab 5 Freddy took to Instagram to express his excitement.



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