Could Sports Betting Soon Be Legal Everywhere in the U.S.?

Recent appeals by the state of New Jersey may be the start of making that a reality.

Imagine walking into the nearest convenience store, grabbing a cold beer ,and placing a wager on your favorite sports team. That could soon be a reality if New Jersey has anything to do with it. The U.S. Supreme court recently agreed to hear arguments 1405af18546603.562cb437cbd81regarding legalizing sports betting in the state of New Jersey. If New Jersey succeeds in winning this appeal, it could open the doors for other states across the United States. Sports wagering is illegal according to Federal law, with the exception of Delaware, Nevada, Oregon, and Montana.

According to the American Gaming Association (AGA), $95 billion dollars will be illegally wagered on NFL and College football games this year. State lotteries bring in upwards of $70 billion a year in revenue. Imagine the impact that legal sports betting would bring. It would definitely crush those lottery revenue numbers. Hopefully sports wagering will soon becoming to a Citgo or Quick Trip near you!!


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