First Pick Taco Charlton Unimpressive In Cowboys Win

Dallas Cowboys defensive coordinator Rod Marinelli said their first-round pick “Wasn’t good enough”,  after the 20-18 win.


“I need to look at the tape. But wasn’t good enough,” said Marinelli.  Charlton did not get any tackles, or QB pressures in his 16 snaps against the Arizona Cardinals.  “You want to play more … only got to play 15 or 16 plays,” Charlton said. “It happens. Coach is protecting me. I do what I need to do and run with it. I got a got a good burn out there. I got a chance to get my feet wet. So it was a good chance to get out there and play in an NFL game.”

NFL teams were questioning Charlton’s consistency before the draft and yes this is only the 1st preseason game of what I’m sure he hopes will be a very long NFL career, but  no matter what you want to call it, you can’t call it good.



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