Iverson A No-Show For Big3 Game, League Investigating

Allen Iverson did not show up for the Big3 games in Dallas and the league is investigating his absence.

iversonFormer NBA MVP Allen Iverson is the brightest star in Ice Cube’s new 3-on-3 league comprised of former NBA players. Iverson signed to be player/coach of Three’s Company for the Big3 inaugural season.

He really hasn’t played very much, and he didn’t play at all during his highly anticipated return to Philadelphia. The league says in a statement it had no advance notice that Iverson wouldn’t attend the game in Dallas on Sunday.

The league also says it will make a statement once it has gathered all the facts surrounding Iverson’s no-show.

Three’s Company co-captain, DerMarr Johnson assumed the coaching duties Sunday, where the team lost 51-32 to the Three Headed Monsters.


2 thoughts on “Iverson A No-Show For Big3 Game, League Investigating”

  1. When we as human beings mess up, some of us hope and pray for a second chance at redemption. When we get it some of us are grateful for it and never mess up again. Others get a second chance don’t recognize the blessing and soon go back down the original path. Don’t know all the facts and hope that is not the case. Stay on point A.I.!!!

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