Mayweather -McGregor Tickets Moving Slowly

Tickets for the Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor bout are not selling as quickly as anticipated.

The Mayweather – McGregor super-fight is arguably the most hyped boxing match in history.

This far, however, the fans have shown a bit less enthusiasm when it comes to actually buying tickets for the event.

An online search shows hundreds of seats still available, as of Saturday, from Ticketmaster at the T-Mobile Arena for the August 26 bout. There are so many unsold seats that those fans with enough scratch can purchase six tickets together in 162 different locations throughout the venue.


This may be because of the through-the-roof pricepoint set by promoters — the last expensive tickets currently available on Ticketmaster have a face value of $3,500. Perhaps fans are just waiting for the right time to pull the trigger, in hopes that the prices will drop.

Still, five days after tickets initially went on sale, seats asl around the arena are commonly available. They are not, however, for anyone a bit short on  bread.

Prices are starting at $3,500. Throw in another $300 or so for buyer fees.  They climb up to $10,000 near the ring. Also, there are “platinum” seats that sell for as much as $14,995.

The resale market is almost as costly. At the base price is right around $2,000 — for one of the few seats that originally were selling  for $500 — and the median price is approximately $7,000.

Maybe fans will come around as the date gets closer. But one thing is for sure; the excitement surrounding those press conference tour is not converting into purchases.

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