Maybe Lebron Could Sense Kyrie’s Ambition

What can the Kyrie Irving trade demand tell us about Lebron James?

He who bears the crown burdens are heavy. Lebron James has been self-proclaimed “King James” since entering the NBA in 2003. He has elevated all his teammates from Cleveland to Miami to Cleveland again, to stardom on NBA’s brightest stage.

On the the way to three straight finals appearances, along with a world championship; King James has been faced with his toughest feet, keeping Brutus at bay.

Since Cesar returned home in 2014 he has  verbally Dubbed Irving the NBA’s next brightest superstar. As an Ambassador actively singing the praises of his beloved country, Lebron relentlessly campaigned for Uncle Drew in that manner.

James sensed Kyrie’s thirst for notoriety and stardom. So he felt the need to continuously acknowledged Irvings greatness, or should I say potential of thereof. 

Listen to some of these clips and judge for yourself. Is Kyrie an ambitious “Prince”, or simply a modern day “Brutus”, u decide!!!

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