Defying Fantasy Presents: Top 10 Tight Ends

Defying Fantasy presents the top 10 Tight Ends for the 2017 fantasy season.

These guys are few and far between. There is only one tight end worthy of a top 20 selection. We all know who that monster is, “The Gronk.” If you don’t pull the trigger on him early, you can definitely wait until at least the 6th round to grab a tight end.

Keep in mind there are a few young talented tight ends looking to make a name for themselves.


Here’s a list of Defying Fantasy’s top 10 Tight Ends.

1. Rob Gronkowski     New England Patriots 

2. Jordan Reed             Washington Redskins

3. Tyler Eifert               Cincinnati Bengals 

4. Greg Olsen                Carolina Panthers 

5. Jimmy Graham        Seattle Seahawks 

6. Delanie Walker        Tennessee Titans

7. Travis Kelce              Kansas City Chiefs 

8. Martellus Bennett   Green Bay Packers 

9. Hunter Henry           Los Angles Chargers

10. Eric Ebron               Detroit Lions


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