Nike Is Back On Top Of The NBA Landscape

The brand mogul is back where it needs to be, distributing the NBA’s wardrobe.

Nike mimicked  the 2016 Olympic model. The jerseys are believed to be lighter and more flexible, than the NBA’s previous design. 

The Nike team made a few a tweaks. The armholes are bigger, also the collar shape has been altered. Nike’s most drastic change is to the swoosh logo, as it’s made to raise off the fabric.

The jerseys are constructed partly with recycled plastic bottles. They are also designed to dry 15% faster than the old prototypes. Nike is also equipping each team with an alternate home jersey.

With the NBA transitioning to cooperate patches on team jerseys, that will not be included with the retail version. However, the team will be able to sell the fan jerseys with the patches included. There are only nine teams with cooperate patches at this time. The new deal will begin October 1. 

The new Nike uniforms will also lead to the NBA eliminating traditional home and road jersey designations. There will now be standard editions called the The Association Edition and The Icon Edition. The Association Edition is a white uniform but is not required to wear at home. The Icon Edition, previously the road uniform, will use each team’s primary colors.


The Icon Edition may be worn by the home team, and the visiting team will wear the Association Edition if so.

The NBA and Nike plan to unveil two more primary uniforms later in the year. The home team will decide which uniform it will wear and the visiting team will wear the opposite uniform. Next season, eight teams will wear a Classic Edition uniform that “celebrates some of the most iconic uniforms in league history.” Each of those eight teams can wear the Classic Edition at its own discretion.

All uniforms include the Nike logo – except for Charlotte, which will feature the Jumpman logo since the Hornets owner is Michael Jordan, who is invested in Nike’s Air Jordan brand.

The Nike on-court NBA collection also features new socks, tights and bands.

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