WATCH! Shaq To LaVar Ball: Mr 2.2 Points A Game

In the latest episode of LaVar Ball beef, Shaquille O’Neal responded to Ball’s 2-on-2 challenge by claiming he wear a wig if he loses.

LaVar Ball has issued his latest challenge. This time, claiming that he and his son LaMelo could beat Shaquille O’Neal and his son, Shareef in a game of two-on-two. Shaq clapped back with an Instagram video wearing a wig while lip-syncing to Carrie Underwood with a very direct message to LaVar:

LaVar challenged the O’Neals shortly after Shaq’s son Shareef, an future Arizona Wildcat, claimed he was better than LaMelo Ball — a Class of 2019 point guard UCLA commit. LaVar Ball quickly went to bat for his for his youngest son in a response to those comments.

“Stop it. Hey, me and Melo against him and Shaq. We’ll kill ’em. We’ll kill ’em.” LaVar exclaimed.

LaVar has challenged several other all-time greats, including Michael Jordan, in the past.


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