Jessie Vargas Claims McGregor Has Been Knocked Out In Training Camp

Is McGregor really going to be a problem for Mayweather?

I know by now you have all seen or heard of the world tour promoting the August 26th bout between Floyd “Money” Mayweather and the “Notorious” Conor McGregor. The world tour in my opinion ripped a page right out of the WWE script book. The trash talking and antics were definitely entertaining to all preparing to watch the mega fight next month. Both fighters made claims about knocking each other out in early rounds, among delivering alleged racial and homophobic slurs to each other. No matter how you feel about it all, it is definately entertaining. Floyd is a professional boxer with an unblemished record. Conor is mixed martial arts champion crossing over into Floyd’s lane. Is Conor McGregor really going to be a problem for Floyd in the ring?


Former champion Jesse Vargas recently stated in an interview that Conor was already knocked out in training camp by his sparring partner. Here is what he said,

“He got knocked out in sparring already,” Vargas said of McGregor. “The boxing world is small, it’s a small circle. I heard they tried Brandon Rios, but Brandon Rios knocked him out, so they had to push him away.”

Former boxer champion Brandon Rios later dismissed claims that he knocked out McGregor in training camp. He even claims he never even met McGregor. If you can remember last month TMZ did and interview with Chris van Heerdan former IBO welterweight champion. Heerdan actually trained with Conor and came to the conclusion that Floyd would destroy McGregor. Do you believe Brandon Rios?



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