When Football Meets MMA You Get “Calicio Storico”

Italy’s own brutal sports tournament has been played for centuries.

When we think of contact sports, what comes to mind? Boxing, football, mixed martial arts, and heck even hockey. They still allow fighting in hockey, don’t they?  You can now add Calico Storico to that short list. Calicio Storico has been played in Florence, Italy the bis213rd week of June since the 1500’s. It actually combines soccer, rugby, and wrestling. The sport consists of 4 teams, with 27 players each. The teams compete in 50 minute anything goes competition until two teams remain for the Finals. When I say anything goes, I mean anything. Players can punch, kick, and even wrestle their opponents to stop them from scoring a goal. Oh and tackling is allowed also. Remember what the Denver Broncos defense did to Cam Newton in the opening game last season? I think Cam got off light. These guys don’t even have any helmets or pads. Do you want to know what else is interesting? These guys do it for free. The winning team gets dinner. Crazy? What do you think?


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