Chance The Rapper Saves SoundCloud

After reports of a SoundCloud shutdown, Chance The Rapper comes to the rescue.

Under 48 hours after the interwebs lost its collective mind, anticipating SoundCloud’s seemingly imminent closure, Chance The Rapper has apparently saved the cult music streaming service. After learning the news on Thursday, Chance took to Twitter to claim he was “working” on it. SoundCloud was vital to the early success of Chano’s career.

Hours later, he returned to his preferred social media platform to announce some promising news to fellow SoundCloud users.

SoundCloud chimed in minutes later to confirm.

While this doors seem to offer a lifeline to many musicians who use the service, there is no clear induction of what actually occurred behind closed doors. SoundCloud has laid off 40 percent of its employees, and may close its San Francisco and London offices. For now, it seems as if things are ok.

The Chicago born and bred MC is well-known for his charitable contributions. The Grammy Award-winner has donated millions of dollars to Chicago Public Schools and continues to assist in his community.

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