J.J. Watt Releases New Shoe, Rips Big Baller Brand

NFL all-pro J.J. Watt released his new Reebok shoe and took a couple jabs at Big Baller Brand in the process.

J.J. Watt announced the release of his new sneaker, the JJ II, earlier this week. The shoe is produced and released via Reebok, and sells for $99. “I wanted to create something that everybody can afford, everybody can wear to the gym, during workouts and after the gym,” Watt said.

In announcing the release of the sneaker, Watt took a not-so-subtle aim at another brand.

Then Watt went a bit further in his slam of BBB, whose shoes are priced at $495.

Watt was obviously referring to the fact that Lonzo Ball donned Nike sneakers for one of his NBA summer league games during the week, and followed that up by sporting adidas sneakers in the next game.

We get it, LaVar Ball is an easy target. But, why a guy in another sport, in a completely different age bracket than Lonzo, would take jabs at a 19-year-old is beyond me. Good luck with your shoe J.J.


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