Defying Fantasy Presents The 2017 Fantasy Football “I Am Fantasy” List

Team owners are always in search of an impact player. A player that can go the distance at any given moment. Or capable or scoring multiple touchdowns in a game.

We wanted to compile a list of the 15 most explosive players in the NFL, excluding quarterbacks. We found ourselves in a a bit of a conundrum, so we had to make 16. 


Foot-note this list! You need to make a sacrifice to secure one of these “Fantasy Beasts” for your roster.

Odell Beckham Jr WR New York Giants
Le’Veon Bell RB Pittsburgh Steelers
David Johnson RB Arizona Cardinals
A.J. Green WR  Cincinnati Bengals
Julio Jones WR Atlanta Falcons
Antonio Brown WR  Pittsburgh Steelers
LeSean McCoy RB Buffalo Bills
Rob Gronkowski TE New England Patriots
Mike Evans WR Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Tyreek Hill WR  Kansas City Chiefs
Todd Gurley RB  Los Angeles Rams
Melvin Gordon RB Los Angeles Chargers
DeAndre Hopkins WR Houston Texans
Ezekiel Elliott RB Dallas Cowboys
Devonta Freeman RB Atlanta Falcons
Dez Bryant WR Dallas Cowboys

Be on the lookout for the I Am Fantasy podcast to discuss the lists in full. Coming soon!


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