Defying Fantasy’s Top 15 Breakout Players

We’ve identified 15 players primed for breakout fantasy seasons in 2017.

We all know there is no exact science to fantasy football, you draft your players then hope they produce. 

There are such things like potential and circumstance. Contagion upon the circumstances a player is placed in, he has the greatest potential to succeed.

With that being said here is  Defying fantasy’s list of the top 15 (Memp Bleek) Break out players.


Jordan Howard RB Chicago Bears
Tyreek Hill WR Kansas City Chiefs
Leonard Fournette RB Jacksonville Jaguars
Michael Thomas WR New Orleans Saints
Joe Mixon RB Cincinnati Bengals
Terrell Pryor WR Washington
Paul Perkins RB New York Giants
Lamar Miller RB Houston Texans
Jameis Winston QB Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Isaiah Crowell RB Cleveland Browns
Carson Wentz QB Philadelphia Eagles
Brandin Cooks WR New England Patriots
Jay Ajayi RB Miami Dolphins
Christian McCaffrey RB Carolina Panthers
Donte Moncrief WR Indianapolis Colts

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