Chris Christie Hosts Sports Radio Show And Gets Cursed Out By Fan

Chris Christie hosted a sportstalk radio show and got called a “fat ass” and a “bully” by a New Jersey resident.

New Jersey governor Chris Christie is a guest-host in the afternoon drive-time slot on New York’s WFAN with Evan Roberts. The spot is reportedly a tryout for the bigger role in the future. The gig comes after Christie was photographed at a New Jersey beach after the state government closed it to the public. All of this set the stage for a caller by the name of Mike in Montclair calling in on the air and shouting out Christie

Some NSFW language ahead.

Mike: “Governor, next time you want to sit on a beach that is closed to the entire world except you, you put your fat [backside] in a car and go to one that’s opened to all your constituents.”

Christie: “You know, Mike, I love getting calls from communists in Montclair.”

Mike: “You’re a bully, governor! And I don’t like bullies!”

Christie then rebutted the caller for being a “bum” and for using foul language over the air. He then chatted with Roberts about how he lost Montclair during a 2013 election.

In all honesty, what else did Christie expect when he opened himself up to sports radio in the tri-state area? He can only look forward to more of the same if he is selected (and if he excepts) a permanent role down the road.


One thought on “Chris Christie Hosts Sports Radio Show And Gets Cursed Out By Fan”

  1. Somehow I get the idea that being a Republican of any flavor in the blue, socialist, union embedded, huge government state of New Jersey is an impossible job – the state will revert back to a liberal Democrat governor and slide further into the socialist black hole !

    Leftism is the biggest threat to the American way of life…Progressives hate Americans, the Constitution, and free market capitalism. They have destroyed our economy with measures like the ACA and immigration amnesty. The “Affordable” Care Act has been nothing short of a disaster. My health insurance bill is up to $450/month. (Compare this to my $25/month auto insurance from Insurance Panda or my $10/month renters insurance… both private enterprise!) Keep your hands off us!

    What happen to this generation?when and who started this idea that they are entitled to get everything for free? This has to stop! This ideology of socialism, no one is entitle to get anything for free on the back of those who work hard in their lives just so this generation can enjoy it without working.


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