Bear Drags Teen By Head In Attempt To Kill

In Ward, Colorado, at Glacier View Ranch, a 19 year-old staffer was viciously attacked by a black bear.

dylanA Colorado camp worker, only identified as Dylan, was interrupted from his peaceful sleep around 4a.m. Sunday morning, by a “cracking sound.” Little did he know that sound was his cranium on the verge of getting crushed.

The bear dragged him about 10 feet away from his sleeping bag, before realizing what was occurring. Dylan then began to punch, scrape, and poke, attempting to get the bear to release him.


“I never thought I would be attacked by a bear, I woke up to a crunching sound and a lot of pain. The bear had a hold of my head and was dragging me across the ground.”

“I just started hitting the bear as hard as I could, and I found its eye, and I started poking it with my fingers…and it dragged me for about 10 feet before I was able to get it off of me”, per CBS News.

Dylan facilitates wilderness survival for Seventh Day Adventists in Colorado.

It’s safe to say the training Dylan received contributed to him being alive today.


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