James Harden Is The New Contract King With His $228 Million Dollar Extension

Harden and the Houston Rockets have recently agreed to a new contract extension.

The Houston Rockets have made their star player a very rich man. The NBA star guard has signed the richest extension in NBA history. The $228 million dollar contract is guaranteed through the 2022-2023 season. Stephen Curry recently signed a contract for harden_dunk_rockets_300350$201 million with the Golden State Warriors. That was the richest contract in NBA history until now. Teams and players are taking advantage of the new Collective Bargaining Agreement rules. Harden is happy about the new contract extension, and optimistic about the organization’s future. James Harden spoke about his love for his team,

Houston is home for me, Mr. Alexander has shown he is fully committed to winning.

The Rockets recently added point guard Chris Paul to their back court. They team also expressed interest in acquiring Carmelo Anthony from the New York Knicks. The team is certainly making moves to build a competitive roster to compete against the many talented teams in the NBA.

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