10 Rules For Success From The Richest Black Person In The World

Nigerian billionaire Aliko Dangote is no pushover when it comes to business.

Aliko Dangote is not your average business man or a rag to riches story. Dangote comes from a wealthy family, with his great grandfather being the richest man in Africa when he died in 1955. Aliko who is Nigerian, has made most of his wealth trading and manufacturing sugar, cement, and flour. Although he was not poor growing up, he builtghanastar_2016-10-12_13-41-11 his business empire from the ground up. With a $3,000 loan from his uncle, he founded the Dangote Group. The company has since reported annual revenue north of $2.5 billion dollars. He recently announced the company’s plans to develop a truck manufacturing facility in partnership with a Chinese firm. He is not only the richest person in Africa, he is also the richest black person in the world. His fortune is estimated between $12.5 and $25 billion dollars. So how does he do it you ask? Below are his top 10 rules for being successful.


  1. Have A Vision
  2. Be Focused
  3. Think Strategically
  4. Think Big
  5. Do Things You Understand
  6. Listen
  7. Be Consistent
  8. Have The Right Information
  9. Believe That Nothing Is Impossible
  10. Be A Person of Dignity






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