New York Police Officer Shot At July 4th Celebration

Shortly after midnight, in the Bronx, a police officer was gunned down in her mobile unit.

Attach13630_20170705_223721The “unprovoked attack” uttered by the police commissioner, occurred around 12:30 a.m. Wednesday morning.

As the 4th of July celebration drew to an end, smiling faces soon become horrified. Alexander Bonds, a two time convict, equipped with a 38 Ruger, fires shots through Officer Familia’s passenger side window, according to Deputy Chief Jason Wilcox. 

It could easily be assumed that authority figures weren’t Bonds people of choice. He wasn’t a stranger to penal system. Alexander had been released on parole in 2013, from serving an eight year bid for robbery, from New York State’s, Attica Correctional Facility.

Attach13632_20170705_223852Bonds still deeply harbored feelings from situations that occurred in prison. He posted a disgruntled video via Facebook about a year ago. Alexander raged against prison conditions and warned people of officers raping or killing inmates. He also hinted that he would not back down in any confrontations with police officers on the streets, per New York Times.

He also stated, “I’m not playing, Mr. Officer, I don’t care about 100 police watching this. I got broken ribs for a reason son, we gonna shake. We gonna do something. We can’t be dying for free, getting raped for free, just for them to give you hush money. Is you stupid? I don’t want the money. I want justice.”

Bonds went on to say, “I’m not hesitating. It ain’t happening. I wasn’t a bitch in jail, and I’m not going to be a bitch in these streets.”

Vincent Maher, Familia’s parter, called for help, and two other officers encountered the suspect, who was running on Morris Avenue, about a block away, per New York Times.

After the officers confronted Bonds, he presented his weapon, with in moments a shootout transpired. When the smoke subsided Alexander Bonds was dead, and an innocent bystander had been hit.

According to Deputy Chief Jason Wilcox, it was an ambush style shooting. 

Officer Miosotis Familia fought for her life for three hours after being shot in the head. She succumb to her injury at 3:37 a.m., as she was pronounced dead.

Outside her room, a line of officers rendered their respects by saluting her. Others escorted her body to the medical examiner’s office.


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