Kanye West Parting Ways With Tidal

Kanye West has decided to split with Jay-Z’s music streaming service Tidal.

yeKanye West has decided to terminate his contract with TIDAL over, reportedly, being owed millions of dollars by JAY-Z’s streaming music service. While some have speculated the exit is in response to Hov’s recent shots at Ye on the 4:44 album, this move has apparently been in the works for some time.

Per TMZ, West’s attorney sent a letter to TIDAL claiming breach of contract and announced the termination of the deal. West is currently owed more than $3 million and the parties have tried to work out a favorable deal. After weeks of negotiations, West’s attorney sent a follow-up letter finalizing the decision to end the contract.

While the timing of this ordeal is a bit curious, in light of JAY-Z’s bars on the 4:44 opening track “Kill Jay Z,” which finds the business mogul taking not-so-subtle jabs at his Watch The Throne collaborator, the legal proceedings took place well before the release of the track. Kanye reportedly knew nothing of the song prior to the release of 4:44 on June 30. (However, album producer No I.D. told the New York Times that the album was only finished the day before its release, so it’s possible the shots at West were a last-minute inclusion.)

The desire for West to split also brews from the fact that the exclusive TIDAL release of The Life of Pablo generated over 1.5 million new subscriptions, which was supposed to earn him a bonus. West also claims the service has failed to recoup him for videos he produced, but TIDAL fired back by saying West didn’t deliver on his end.

Apparently, TIDAL is prepared to sue if West now takes his new music to another streaming service, which would undoubtedly spark an arduous legal battle.

As of this publishing, West’s music is still available on TIDAL.


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