A Satisfied Fan Made This Mega-Deal Possible

Sports fans too often do not get the credit they really deserve.

Professional sports are liked by millions of people across the world. Everything from basketball, football, baseball, and even boxing. These sports are welcomed by fans, and many of these fans have a favorite player that they may gravitate to in some manner. It is no different than seeing your favorite actor on the big screen in your nearest movie theatre. It is all entertainment. One thing I know for sure is people will spend tons of money on entertainment. Especially sports entertainment. In 2015 Floyd Mayweather Jr. fought Manny Pacquiao and made north of $300 million for the bout.Floyd-Mayweather-money Each round is about 3 minutes, which equals 36 minutes if a fight goes 12 rounds. If you think about it that is 36 minutes of work. When was the last time you got paid $300 million for working 36 minutes at your job? Most Americans take a 30 minute lunch break and don’t get paid anything. Most recently Steph Curry agreed to resign with the Golden State Warriors for $201 million on a five-year deal. Am I hating on these athletes? No. Get paid, I certainly would. Am I concerned? Yes.

Fans cheer and salivate in awe of these historical deals that many of these players negotiate. We often congratulate the players, or their agents for brokering these big deals. But do you know who you should really give thanks to? You! Give yourself a pat on the back for being a fan because, without you these deals would not be possible. It is your money! This is no different than a cashier that works in your favorite retail store. A satisfied customer made their paycheck possible! Cleveland Cavaliers forward Lebron lebron-james-money-dollar-signJames really pissed off a lot of people by the comments he made about sitting in away games. There is 12-year-old kid that has saved their money all year to see you play in his home town because his family can’t afford to go to Cleveland and you sit? Did you forget that it is the fans that make most of your lifestyle possible? I am not saying these athletes are not talented and good at what they do. They earned it. But, it does not matter how talented a player is if nobody is watching or paying. Ok Lebron won’t go broke because of one disgruntled ticket holder but, there are many other fans that feel the same way. Underappreciated. Many sports figures have forgotten about who really contributes to most their salary. It starts with the fans. It was recently reported that the Golden State Warriors franchise was bought back in 2010 for $450 million and is now worth $2.6 billion. How did that happen? The fans.

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So, what do these huge contracts these players sign mean for you as a fan? It means a lot. Many forget that sports franchises are businesses. A business has one goal in mind and that is to be profitable. So with that being said, these huge contracts will be passed on to the consumer as in most businesses. The next time you are paying for that $200-dollar seat, and that $15-dollar beer remember that huge contract your favorite player just signed. Or when you watch your favorite boxer on Pay-Per-View for $100 bucks give yourself a pat on the back. You’ve earned it, uhhh I mean they earned it.


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