7 Things Guys Should Never Do On A First Date

Hey, buddy! Going on a first date? Want any chance at a second one? Be sure NOT to do any of these things.

Ok. So, you’re going on a first date and you don’t want to completely screw it up. We all want to impress our dates. However, there is a very thin line between being memorable and being flat-out unforgettable.

Please be sure to refrain from any of the below behavior. At least tell the personal representative that we all send on that first date to be mindful of this list.

  1. Be indecisive / unorganized

    guyNothing gets a date off on the wrong note like a dude who didn’t plan for the date. If you show up and ask her “So, where you wanna go?”, you, my friend, deserved to be mushed in the face. Take time to pick out the spot, make reservations if needed and find out what she likes/dislikes beforehand. Winging it every now and than may be cool down the line, but if you want to make it that far, put some thought and effort into planning the first date.

  2. Be late

    lateWant to endure an awkwardly quiet start to your date? Try showing up late. This is not a night out with your bros where you can just blow off being punctual. Besides, if you’re really going to spend this time with someone you want to get to know, you don’t want to have to spend most of it getting back into her good graces. So, leave a few minutes early so you can be relaxed when you see her.

  3. Stare at your phone the entire time

    phoneI get it, it’s 2017. Everyone’s most important accessory is their phone. You feel almost naked if you don’t have it in your hand. However, give your date as much attention as you possibly can. If she pulls out her phone and gets carried away, politely let her know that you want this time to be for the two of you. Trust me, nothing that important is happening in either of your timelines!

  4. Talk about yourself the whole date

    womanIt is quite annoying to sit and hear someone ramble on-and-on about themselves as if you’re not interesting enough to know about. Treat your date as if she’s an actual active participant in the conversation. Not only is it an appropriate rule of communication, it will also give you an idea as to whether you want to see her again if…you know…allow her to let you know what she’s like.

  5. Check out other females

    ogleNo woman wants to spend all this time getting ready for a date just for you to ogle other women all night. Look man, beautiful women are everywhere…I get it. But, it’s not gonna hurt you to just let them pass without breaking your neck for a few hours. Believe me, your date will take notice, as she definitely recognizes when another attractive woman is in the vicinity. Instead, take this moment to compliment your date on how beautiful she looks. It will be appreciated.

  6. Get wasted

    drunkI know you want to have a good time and be as free as possible on a first date. However, you gotta know your limits. We’re generally not our best selves when we’ve had a few too many. Get to the point of no return and you can pretty much forget about finishing this date, let alone getting a second one. So, if you drink, don’t overdo it, and definitely don’t try to get her smashed on a first date.

  7. Be rude to the waiter

    waiterIt’s a huge turnoff for lady to see her date treating other people badly. So, if your waiter messes up the food order or if your valet takes a bit too long retrieving your car, keep your cool. While it may seem to you that you’re taking control of a bad situation by giving them the business, what you’ll likely end up accomplishing is scaring off your date.


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